Churchill ends wrestling career


Photo by Maria Martin

Written by Hailey Myers, Staff Writer

Senior Matt Churchill had an abrupt end to his wrestling career. In a match against Highland, High School, he was severely injured by a head-butt from his opponent.

“I broke my nose and it shook my nervous system and my body reacted with shingles,” Churchill said. “The doctor said I had to stop for at least three weeks or I could have actual brain damage.”

This injury caused an end to Churchill’s goal of going to state. This kind of injury can be extremely devastating to a wrestler in his senior year.

“I immediately and still am upset about it because there were only two weeks left in the wrestling season,” Churchill said.

This injury can not only take a toll on Churchill, but it also takes a toll on the family and friends who will not be able to see Churchill wrestle at the state competition.

“My parents wanted to see me wrestle one last time and now they can’t, which just kind of sucks,” Churchill said.

The loss of Churchill’s strength as a star athlete on the wrestling team has also greatly affected two of his closet teammates’: junior Marc Farina and senior Taylor Rico.

“I was really sad when I found out,” Farina said. “It had me in tears, the fact that I lost my drill partner and the fact that one of my best friends will never step on a mat again and enjoy the thrill of a wrestling match.”

Rico was equally disappointed.

“I was heartbroken,” Rico said. “It devastated the entire team. He has been on varsity all four years training for this tournament and to have the chance taken away is awful.”

State is also a major concern with Churchill not being able to wrestle. Each match won by a Corona wrestler who places collects point for the team toward the team state title, and the absence of Churchill will definitely hurt Corona’s team.

“This will definitely impact the team at state,” Farina said. “Matt had a shot at a state title. Team points wise, we had a dramatic loss of value.”

As Churchill said, “It sucks, but there is nothing really I can do about it.”