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New attendance policy might not be effective

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The new attendance policy that Tempe Union has implemented isn’t going to be as effective as it may seem. The policy states that a student who has more than the allotted 15 absences in one class, excluding absences related to a chronic illness, may be dropped from that course but still has to remain a part of the class. Although the student won’t receive credit for that class, they are required to participate in classroom activities and are encouraged to complete assignments.

The Sunrise staff believes this isn’t the best option for students who exceed the number of permitted absences. Although students should be in class and some sort of attendance policy is necessary for the student body, forcing one to stay in class wouldn’t have the intended consequences. While there are other punishments outside of the classroom, those students wouldn’t have much to lose by creating a commotion. In addition, if the student were to participate in the classroom activities, teachers would have to grade and review the student’s work but not offer them a final grade. This is a waste of time for both the student and the teacher and is an ineffective arrangement.

The best alternative would be a separate class for said student, perhaps a study hall or a similar class, as it would be more effective and helpful for both the student and the teacher. The student could work on assignments for other classes and meet graduation requirements sooner instead of completing work without receiving credit. In addition, teachers could focus on the students who are receiving credit for the class. This way, the student is able to advance in their own coursework without disrupting another class.

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New attendance policy might not be effective