Facebook Opinion

I can’t count the number of times that people have told me to get a Facebook account and that I’m crazy for not having one. It’s not that I’m not allowed to have one; it’s just that I don’t want one.

My main reason for not getting a Facebook is that it is so time consuming and addicting. I know friends and relatives who spend hours online looking up old posts, tagging pictures or just playing Farmville. I have also noticed that after hours of using Facebook, there is a realization that you need to do other things, and there is nothing gained from all that time on Facebook.

A lot of people say they use it mainly to keep in touch with old friends whom they haven’t seen in a long time. My question is ‘do you really care?’ Sure, it’s nice to see what they look like now and what he or she has been up to, but other than that, you really could care less about what they post because you’re not close with them anymore. They have new friends and are in a different environment, so you don’t have anything in common.

Maybe you have a Facebook strictly for announcements and you don’t waste your time on it. Well, won’t you still see what your friends are up to? Their unnecessary drama will still be a part of your life, even if you try to ignore it.

Facebook can also be indirectly harmful. Any online social network can inevitably lead to cyber bullying, which is a huge problem in our society today. In addition, it can be harmful to you. Many things are exploited online, usually to the wrong people. You can be turned down for employment by a company or even fired. Teens don’t understand the long-term consequences associated with posting online. Facebook has stated that it is hard to delete anything permanently – it will always be somewhere online.

I have nothing against Facebook; in fact, there are times when I wish I had one. But as of right now, I’m not planning to get one anytime soon.


Facebook is the window to tomorrow. Technology has been evolving for a long time now, and it doesn’t make sense for people to start complaining now.  Facebook is a way to connect people around the world, not a way to disconnect our social relationships.

I have a Facebook and find it to be very helpful. Not only do I have family in other states, but in other countries, as well, along with friends from other schools. Facebook provides me a line of connection to them. I tell them happy birthday, check out what they’re up to and catch up with them every now and again.

Some people would say that Facebook is disconnecting us from our relationships because all we do is stare at our iPhones and Androids and computers. But how can one website make us stop completely from going out and actually talking to people? Facebook is just creating a different way of forming relationships.

Technology these days is becoming embedded into who we are. The past generations have become hesitant with things such as Facebook because it’s new to them, while we were born knowing it from the start. Just because something is new doesn’t mean it is completely bad.

Facebook also provides a way of standing up and starting movements. Just this year the Kony2012 movement was able to change our government’s stance on Kony and go in and stop his horrific crimes against humanity. Social networks make it easier for everyday people to make themselves part of something bigger. Another more recent example of Facebook causing something viral is the Amanda Todd incident. People can’t even log in without having their newsfeed be plastered with her face and anti-bullying pictures.

Facebook is giving us a voice to speak out. It’s really not such a bad thing, when used properly. I support Facebook and truly believe that it’s moving us to the future of technology.