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Keep your life on track with goals

Keep your life on track with goals

February 7

It’s so easy to coast through life, living day by day with no specific plans in store. However, is...

Cold weather clarity

February 1

People usually associate grey clouds with gloominess and sadness, but for me an overcast sky brighte...

Back to reality after break

Nathan Samuels

October 18

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I just got back from a fun week in California visiting my brother and hanging out on the beach. It was a nice break from school and a nice break from the Arizona weather. Now I have to go back to focusing on school, studying and working for the “A’s.” I still feel on break and my attitude towards school is still o...

Fall is here

October 4

It is currently 5:13 in the morning. I am on my elliptical and writing this on my iTouch. The glass ...

Live with no regrets

Chanel Alvis

September 29

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If there is one thing I’ve learned in life up to this point it’s that if a cute guy asks for your number, you give it to him. That’s common sense, isn’t it? I made the mistake of not giving the cute guy my number and I’ve regretted it ever sense. As I thought about my small mistake, my perception of it grew and...

The tragedy of movie making from books

Sarah Dinell

September 10

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It’s an age old argument; movies vs. books. But what about those books that are made into movies? Which version is better? Recently, in one of my bouts of boredom, I was reading through lists of books that were eventually made into movies. There were many more than I expected, a lot of movies that I didn’t even know were...

The cure to insecurities

Tatum Hartwig

September 2

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Insecurity is something I have suffered with my entire life. I remember even in elementary school thinking that I wasn’t as pretty as the other girls or that I didn’t have as nice of clothes as my classmates. These feelings of inadequacy only grew as the years passed. I became more awkward and isolated. I mean, I did have...

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