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It’s time for Corona to step up its school spirit

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The “Corona Crazies,” a forever notorious group of senior students, always bringing life, energy, and enthusiasm to Corona games, elevating school spirit to a whole new level.

Unfortunately for the school, these kids graduated and moved on to bigger and better opportunities, leaving current students to carry on the legacy.

We have failed them. Dismally.

Let’s be honest, the current school spirit is a joke. The numbers of students in attendance of games is dwindling, the customized outfits and theme planning is absent and the security is preventing almost all excitement.

For example, security prevents students from rushing the field after football games and doesn’t allow them to stand near the railing on the football field. A few feet farther away from the field really lowers students interaction with the game going on. So if they are going to prevent enthusiasm in that way, participating in themes, dressing up and encouraging attendance through many ways including facebook is are great ways to keep the spirit alive.

A large amount of students regularly attend other schools’ sporting events, as they are considered far more entertaining than Corona’s games.

Although inevitably, how well the team plays affects the crowd, the energy, in theory, should be just the same. As a school, coming together to cheer on our teams is something we should take pride in.

Come on, let’s go all out. Dress up, makes signs, create themes, spread the word and cheer loudly. Let’s make Corona games something you don’t want to miss again.

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It’s time for Corona to step up its school spirit